I stepped on the scale this morning and ouch. 

About this time a few years ago, I made a pledge to myself to get healthy again.  I was depressed, homesick from moving to a new town, and out of shape. Picked up Dr. Pam Peeke’s Fit to Live. I lost 25 pounds, got into shape, and started running Warrior Dashes. 

Then I stopped.

There was a major life trigger, as well as health reasons.  I found out that I had all kinds of digestive issues related to Ehlers-Danlos. These life events resulted in me taking medications that not only promoted weight gain, but also made me sluggish and inert.

My losses have been negated.  Such is how life goes. 

I’ve tried MyFitnessPal, Sparkpeople, and WW and had success with all three, but not this time around for some reason.  So, I decided to try Noom to see if it would be different.  

My original thought was to use an alternating treatments design to determine which one to keep and which ones to scrap.  I was planning on spending a week on each one,  seeing how much weight I lost, then repeating the process a few more times to determine the winner.  However, Noom is a little different in its approach so that won’t be possible. 

They have a plan that is very compatible with ACT as well as Pam Peeke’s plan.  They start with a values clarification exercise, or what Pam Peeke calls a “Power Why.” You then set out on a customized plan based on caloric density, or the water content in foods. We’ll see how that works, since Glycemic Index is considered a more evidence-based approach. 

You also get a personal coach, which means I now have a life coach, a weight loss coach, and a writing coach.  Pretty much I have a personal team of coaches.  I kind of feel like a celebrity!  With this type of support, if I go wrong, I might just be a hopeless case. 

Hopefully, this is what I need to jump-start my journey back to healthy living.  I’ll keep you posted along the way.

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