Merry Christmas for those who celebrate. For those who don’t (or celebrated on a different day), I hope you have the restful day you deserve.

Many of our normal places for fitness are closed today, especially if they are connected somehow to campus. So, I thought I’d post some fun workouts you can do just about anywhere. Whether you need to burn off the cookies, Aunt Linda’s comment about not having a real job, or just get moving, there is something here for you.

Perform workout ladder-style
1. :10 running sprint
2. lateral burpee
3. pushup
4. lateral lunge (1 rep = each leg)
5. Mountain climber (1 rep = each leg)
6. Glute bridge
7. Air squat
8. Walking lunge
9. Bear Crawl
10. Plank leg lift
11. Star Burpee
12. Broad jump
From Coconuts and Kettlebells

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. May your day be filled with health, movement, and lots of fun!

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