Well, not so good, and not so bad. Which is good, too, because I can talk about the bad and the good.

There were some goals I met, some that I downright didn’t, and others that need a little tweaking. So let’s look at what my goals were:

  • Write in my journal for at least 15 minutes for 5 days this week at the beginning of the day
  • Meditate for at least 15 minutes each day
  • Attend the gym at least 5 days this week for 30 minutes (150 minutes of moderate activity)
  • Use my click counter to count positive things each day
  • Eat at least 2 cups of vegetables and 1 cup of fruit for 6 days this week

Write in my journal for at least 15 minutes for 5 days this week at the beginning of the day/Meditate for 15 minutes each day

I kind of made that goal, but my writing is getting shorter. I did miss Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On all those days, I had to be places at times when no one should have to be places. Getting up on time and wearing pants took priority. I do need to find a way to make sure that if I can’t journal first thing, that I do so some time during the day. It does help to keep me from going off the rails a little.

Attend the gym for at least 5 days this week for 30 minutes

This one was totally meh. I found myself “rescheduling” gym time because of grading and other things. This tells me that I’m seeing the gym as less of a priority than grading, reading, and even journaling and sleeping. My health issues made weight training and some of the circuit training a challenge. Having to admit being a beginner again was also not fun. This is something I need to explore – how can I make physical activity as important as the other areas of my life? It may also be that I set too ambitious of a goal to begin with. Since I am coming back, perhaps it would have been more realistic to say that I would do three gym sessions with at least one strength training session. This is my goal for this week.

Use my click counter to record positive things this week.

So I found a really cool and very nerdy app to graph my clicks called AimStar Lite. If you are not familiar with Celeration Charting, it is a standardized, semi-logarithmic chart used to track progress over time and make predictions about data. Because it is standardized, you can compare all kinds of data and be sure your interpretation of trends is valid. My chart had a little bit of “bounce,” or variability. There is a way that you can calculate it specifically, but I have been using visual analysis only. I dipped during the week, but hopefully will see an upward trend this week.

Eat at least 2 cups of vegetables and 1 cup of fruit for 6 days this week

I think I was pretty good at this – I’m now subscribing to a dinner delivery service that increases my intake. But I was not very good at recording what I ate. The only exception were the three days I had to record my intake during my nutrition class. We did an in-depth analysis of our diet. I’m deficient in a few minerals that can explain why I have been so sluggish during the week and not eager to go to the gym. I’m doing OK on my macronutrients (fat, protein, carbs) but could consider decreasing my sugar and saturated fat intake.

So for this week, I am adjusting my expectations a bit. I have decided that recording my food intake is a little much right now, as I am trying to finish out a course. Meditation and journaling are my best friends, so those I’ll keep, as well as counting good things. I’ll lower my goal of attending the gym to 3 days/week for at least 30 minutes per session. It’s amazing what data will do for your life!

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