This blog is dedicated to the health and wellness of academics. Yet I failed to look at the literature to see – what are the health concerns of academic-types? I did the whole logical fallacy thing – if I’m experiencing it, and people around me are experiencing it, then it must be a problem?

So is it? I did a lit search with the terms “professor health,” “health concerns university faculty,” and a few others. I did not get anything in terms of physical health, but I did get a ton on mental health. Many were about training faculty and staff to address student mental health issues. Regular old Google returned several hits about depression and academia – but Google Scholar only returned two behind a paywall.

This article about stress in academia got me thinking – especially the part about everything being judged by anonymous peer review. I can see why a lot of our stress is hidden stress – and why it is so hard to disclose when you need accommodations or help.

Since stress is a predictor of disease, especially coronary disease, then it stands to reason that academics run a high risk of developing health issues. Yet, I’m not seeing much on the topic. Epidemiology researchers, here is a topic for you, if you choose to pursue it!

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