The Air Hurts my face. Why do I live where the air hurts my face?

Today, where I live, it is unseasonably cold. Well, there are always a few days that are cold here, but this one is one of the colder ones.

When I was little and growing up in Northern PA, our parents bundled us up in layers of snowsuits and sent us out to play. Or, as we got older, we bundled ourselves up and threw snowballs, went sledding, or just ran around the neighborhood. Someone would get hit in the face with a snowball and run home crying. A fun time was had by all.

Now, I’m less inclined to leave my cocoon. I’m one of those people who is always cold and in a hoodie. I wear hoodies to faculty meetings. I have found professional looking hoodies, casual hoodies, sleep hoodies, you name it. While I love to shovel, the thought of getting out of bed, putting on workout clothes, and voluntarily scraping the ice off my windshield to go to the gym seems, well, a little nutty.

So, when the hot chocolate is calling your name and the world says hibernate, what does one do to stay fit? These are just some of my own ideas, not based in the literature:

  • Have a emergency workout video list on the ready. There are many good workouts on YouTube. You can also buy subscriptions to home workouts like Beachbody or Pear Sports (I’m not linking to them because I don’t want to advertise). Today, I’m going to dust off my home spin bike rather than brave the cold.
  • Make something both hot and healthy. I enjoy chamomile tea as well as hibiscus tea. I think I’m going to make this Turmeric Eggplant Curry for dinner tonight. Might add some tofu or seitan to it for a little extra protein.
  • Sign up for something. Can you find a class you have to sign up for in advance? That way, you have an obligation to someone to show up.
  • Find unusual ways to move. I’m writing this on MLK Day, a national holiday. Too bad that online teachers never take a holiday. However, since this is a National Day of Service, what about doing a workout for charity, decluttering and giving away things other people need and you don’t use, or doing some sort of charity work? Getting fit and helping others doubles results, right?

As always, these are just some of my musings. Have a way to get yourself up and at ’em in the cold? Leave a comment and let me know!

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